Grand Central Parkway – Three Bridges. For New York State Department of Transportation, managing public outreach program for multifaceted program (design of three new brides; resurfacing of Grand Central Parkway while moving 180,000 cars a day, and evaluating new truck routes).

Brooklyn Queens Expressway, Broadway-25th Avenue, Queens, NY -- For NYSDOT, developed a public outreach program that identified major concerns and worked with project team to effectively respond to them through redesigning major interchange for pedestrian safety, creating new category of noise walls, transforming overpasses into community gateways and selecting large murals and materials for highway abutment walls.

Clearview Expressway, Long Island Expressway Interchange, Queens, NY -- For NYSDOT, serving as community liaison for both design contract and construction inspection. Consultation with school officials and community boards led to innovative Maintenance & Protection of Traffic plans that is protecting children en route to two schools.

Regional Freight Plan, New York Metro Area -- For the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council, directing the community outreach to involve users in a regional freight movement study to ensure resulting goods movement priorities meet their needs.

Route 347 Improvement Project, Suffolk County, NY -- For NYSDOT, public involvement program during EIS of 15-mile roadway expansion project; services include open house forums, small group meetings, newsletters, newspaper columns, information materials, responses to public inquiries, maintained “hot line.”

Ellis Island Access -- For the National Park Service, public policy consultation services, information materials, and design of public forums to achieve public and agency input into selection of access alternatives and EIS.

Site Selection for Federal Courthouse, Brooklyn, NY -- For General Services Administration, community consultation; development of site evaluation criteria; environmental assessment of sites; public information.

Sludge Management Program, New York, NY -- For NYC Department of Environmental Protection, public participation plan and conduct of public outreach program for design and construction phase, with emphasis on local impacts as well as citywide issues, including beneficial use of sludge products.

Stewart Airport Master Plan Update, Newburgh, NY -- For NYSDOT, public outreach, meetings and materials in connection with environmental assessment of proposed airport master plan.

Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan, New York, NY -- For NYC Department of Sanitation, preparation of summary of findings of plan, graphic depictions of impacts, talking points, and research and writing response to comments, to assist the Commissioner in presenting the Plan to officials and the public.

Fresh Kills Landfill Consent Order Compliance, New York, NY -- For NYC Department of Sanitation, multi-year public information and involvement program; materials, meetings; liaison & support to advisory committee.

Air Quality Program Support Services -- For Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Information program for general & targeted publics regarding Clean Air Act implementation.

Essex County, NJ Resource Recovery Facility -- For the County Executive, community surveys, tri lingual newsletters, public hearing planning, highlights of EIS on 2,250 TPD plant under construction.

Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York, NY Resource Recovery Facility -- For citizen oversight group, advisors on planning, environmental analysis, health risk assessment and permit conditions for waste-to-energy facility.

Broome County, NY Resource Recovery Facility -- For county, directed meetings of panel overseeing health risk assessment of 500 TPD plant under construction, authored analyses of background risk and comparative risk, wrote executive summary.

Milwaukee, WI Solid Waste Management Plan -- For the Mayor, managed program to ensure effective participation of advisory groups in development of plan, extensive nationwide tours of all types of solid waste facilities, and preparing summary report of plan, siting studies, environmental and generic health risk assessment of all solid waste management alternatives. PUBLICATIONS: "Communicating with the Public About Risks," C.S. Konheim, Solid Waste & Power, June 1989. "Challenges of the 90s Municipal Waste Combustion: The Public Social Perspective," C.S. Konheim & S.N. Koehler, International Conference on Municipal Waste Combustion, April 1989. "Plant Sitings and Property Values," C.S. Konheim, S.N. Koehler, Waste Age, April 1988. "Authoritative Answers to Common Questions on Emissions from Resource Recovery Facilities," C.S. Konheim, F. Hasselriis, P.E., E.C. Holstein, M.D. "Addressing the Safety of Waste to Energy," C.S. Konheim, Resource Recovery Newsletter, California Waste to Energy Council, March 1988. "Get Citizens Involved in Siting and Do It Early," C.S. Konheim, Waste Age, March 1988. "Risk Communication in the Real World," C.S. Konheim, Risk Analysis Journal, September 1988. "Positive Impact: The Good News About Doing an EIS," C.S. Konheim, Waste Age, April 1987. "Reconciling Local Opposition to a Resource Recovery Plant," C.S. Konheim, New Jersey Bell Journal, Vol. 2, 1986. "The Politics of Resource Recovery," C.S. Konheim, Waste Age, November 1985. "The Highest Hurdle: Public Acceptance of Resource Recovery Facility Sites," C.S. Konheim, Proceedings of the 1984 National Waste Processing Conference, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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