Brian T. Ketcham
Selected Professional Publications

"Win-Win Transportation: A No-Losers Approach to Financing Transport in NYC and the Region," with C. Komanoff, presented at the AAAS93 Annual Meeting, Boston, February 12, 1993.

"Making Transportation Choices Based on Real Costs," presented at the Transportation 2000 Conference on Making Transportation a National Priority, Snowmass, Colorado, October 6, 1991.

"A Validation of the Time-Space Corner and Crosswalk Analysis Method," co-authored by J. Fruin and P. Hecht, Paper No. 870389, Transportation Research Board, January 1988.

"Beyond Autocracy: The Public's Role in Regulating the Auto," co-authored with S. Pinkwas, Government, Technology and the Future of the Automobile, edited by D.H. Ginsburg and W.J. Abernathy, 1980.

"Diesel and Man", co-authored with S. Pinkwas, New Engineer Magazine, April 1978. (This article won the 1978 Business Journalism Award.)

"Environmental Impact of Goods Movement Activity in NYC," co-authored with M. Arrow and J. Coyle, Transportation Research Record No. 496, Urban Goods Movement, Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, Washington, D.C., 1974.

"The Implications of Present Trends for Air Quality," Proceedings of the International Conference on Transportation Research, Bruges, Belgium, Transportation Research Forum, Chicago, IL, 1974.

"Automotive Pollution Control: An Alternative Approach," International Conference on Transportation Research, Bruges, Belgium, June 18, 1973.

"Urban Transportation," co-authored with J.P. Romauldi, C. Stark and W. Sprietzer, Public Affairs Report No. 2, Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., New York City, January 1973.

"Problems Associated with Air Quality Control Region Implementation Plans," co-authored with J.C. Fensterstock and M.P. Walsh, Conference Proceedings: The Relationship of Land Use and Transportation Planning to Air Quality Management, Center for Urban Policy Research and Conferences, Department, Rutgers University, May 1972.

"Urban Goods Movement and Environmental Quality," Proceedings: Metropolitan Goods Movement Symposium, United Engineering Center, New York City, March 27, 1972

"The Restructuring of Cities Through Transportation Planning," co-authored with J.C. Fensterstock, Proceedings Urban Technology Conference, American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, Paper No. 71-517, May 1971.

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